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Alì Barati

Ali Barati



+39 3296342515


Street address:

via Dante Alighieri, 61

89900, Vibo Valentia

Something of me

The architect Ali Barati was born in the city of Estahan, formerly the capital and cultural center of Persia. He followed his studies in the faculty of architecture and in the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence.

Since 1981 he has been carrying out a business of Persian carpets in Calabria with great serenity and with a passion that he inherited from his grandfather. In his frequent trips to his native land, Ali Barati carefully and scrupulously picks up the carpets that are displayed in his shop in Vibo Valentia directly from the artisans, who still continue to work the carpets with techniques and materials used in the traditional sense (knotting in hand and vegetable colors). These beautiful rugs, which have an enormous artistic value, are the result of long years of patient work, entrusted above all to the skilled and thin fingers of the women, who, under the constant guidance of the master craftsmen, weave wool and silk threads between the warps of the loom. which will then give life to the carpet.

The purchase and choice that Mr.Barati makes of these rugs, selected one by one in the characteristic places he visited, is the demonstration of the love he has towards them and the desire to bring a little magic into our homes. of the East and to give our furniture a touch of class.


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